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Dissent Without Permission: Will Protest Permits & Free Speech Zones Halt Or Hasten Rebellion?

Dissent Without Permission | Protest Permits | Free Speech Zones

“Dissent without permission” may sound like Orwellian doublespeak, but for Chinese, Russians, Americans and others it’s a criminal offense. Will that backfire?



IN CHINA, “protesting” without a permit – which defines and limits where, when and how you are allowed to “protest” – is punishable by stiff fines and/or imprisonment for several years:

Rising Protests in China

Lack of Freedom of Speech and Censorship in China

China’s Ai Weiwei loses appeal against tax fine

And that’s nothing compared to what you’ll find in this 2012 Human Rights Watch World Report for China, e.g. “…unnerved by the pro-democracy Arab Spring movements and a scheduled Chinese leadership transition in October 2012, the government launched the largest crackdown on human rights lawyers, activists, and critics in a decade. The authorities also strengthened internet and press censorship, put the activities of many dissidents and critics under surveillance, restricted their activities, and took the unprecedented step of rounding up over 30 of the most outspoken critics and ‘disappearing’ them for weeks.”



IN RUSSIA, “protesting” without a permit – which defines and limits where, when and how you are allowed to “protest” – is punishable by stiff fines and/or imprisonment for several years:

New Russian Law Assesses Heavy Fines on Protesters

Post a Link, Go to Jail: Russia Tries To Silence Protest

And that’s nothing compared to what you’ll find in this 2012 Human Rights Watch World Report for Russia, e.g. “Harassment of human rights defenders continues and the working climate for civil society organizations and activists remains hostile… Human rights defenders are vulnerable to harassment and violent attack, and those working in the North Caucasus are especially at risk… The right to freedom of assembly remains problematic in Russia, where police frequently disperse public rallies held by civil society activists and the political opposition. Police use excessive force and arbitrarily detain peaceful protesters…”



IN THE USA, “protesting” without a permit – which defines and limits where, when and how you are allowed to “protest” – is punishable by stiff fines and/or imprisonment for several years:

Outlawing Occupy: H.R. 347 Makes Free Speech A Felony

Free Speech Zones at Political Conventions Violate First Amendment

And that’s nothing compared to what you’ll find in this 2012 Human Rights Watch World Report for “Amerika”, e.g. “The US continued to have the world’s largest incarcerated population at 2.3 million, and the world’s highest per capita incarceration rate at 752 inmates per 100,000 residents… The federal government continues abusive counterterrorism policies, including detentions without charge at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba… [NDAA 2012 expanded] US domestic authority to detain alleged terrorism suspects indefinitely without charge and to mandate military detention for a certain category of terrorism suspects [including American citizens on American soil].”



THERE ARE DIFFERENCES between the rights and privileges accorded to citizens of China, Russia and the USA, but those differences are rapidly dwindling in both number and degree. Thanks to institutional indoctrination and decades of sophisticated mental manipulation by an elite-controlled mainstream media – now reinforced by covert and overt pressures to conform with carefully-crafted norms programmed into social media for projection in real life – the American Sheeple can no longer distinguish the liberties of democracy from the favoritism of fascism. They’ve been fattened up with junk food and GMO, and had the fight bred right out of them. They don’t care anymore about freedom; they just want a comfortable cell. If that were not the case then the 99% – or at least the 46 million Americans who now live in poverty – would be asking questions like these:

  • Are free speech zones most effective as soapboxes, or censorship?
  • Is a demonstration in a free speech zone an effective protest?
  • Does a demonstration with a parade permit create a disruption?
  • Does a protest that creates no disruption get any attention?
  • Does a protest that gets no attention make any difference?

I recently heard a talking head say police states allow a certain amount of open protest to serve as a pressure relief valve to avoid open rebellion, and that the Occupy Movement has been tolerated to the extent it has primarily for that purpose. But before being assassinated by the ‘magic bullet’ of ‘lone gunman’ Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963, John F. Kennedy said “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

They can’t both be right…



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World War Web Advisory #7: Anonymous Has Been Occupied

World War Web Advisory #7: Anonymous Has Been Occupied

“Anonymous” may once have been a homogenous band of high-minded hacktivist heroes working selflessly for the greater good. But sadly, that ship has sailed.


“Anonymous” has been occupied. And no longer just by web warriors laying waste to websites of the wicked, computer wizards worming their way into the iPhones of “Internet Security” frauds, or digital do-gooders doxing Congressional dolts and other corporate-controlled degenerates.

Like Al Qaeda, Anonymous is no longer a band. Like Al Qaeda, Anonymous is now just a brand. Like Al Qaeda, Anonymous is the boogeyman. What “Al Qaida Terrorism” did for the corporate cartel controlling America’s Military Industrial Complex, “Anonymous Hacktivism” will do for that same corporate cartel’s Terrorism Industrial Complex, the vastness and taxpayer cost of which – if ever disclosed – would certainly defy comprehension:



And like “Al Qaida Terrorist”, “Anonymous Hacktivist” is well on its way to becoming synonymous with “stateless enemy”, a label we’ve seen loosely and liberally applied to any and all willing to fight back against the global corporate fascist perpetual war-for-profit machine when it illegally crosses sovereign borders to immorally massacre millions of their innocent wives and mothers, sisters and brothers, and others whose only crime was refusing to become another corporate fascist puppet by compromising their principles in exchange for power or personal gain. And once that label is applied, given AUMF 2001 and now NDAA 2012, the fascist puppet regime in Washington DC can use whatever measures it deems necessary to make the troublemaker disappear – including arresting and detaining indefinitely without charge or trial an unarmed American citizen on American soil:



Also sobering is the ease with which sovereign governments, corporate conglomerates and the global elite who control them can now conduct false flag cyber-ops to advance their agendas and blame them on the brave band of brothers and sisters behind all those virtual Fawkesian masks. Consider, for example: When the FBI penetrated Lulz Security, was their aim merely to probe the hackers, or to impact their agenda? Were all of the federal websites hit in recent weeks hacked by democracy-minded dissidents, or were some of them targeted by Shangdong saboteurs from one of China’s six TRBs (technical reconnaissance bureaus)? And what was the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) recruiting hackers for, if not to hack?





Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer for Finnish online security company F-Secure, answers with this:

“Anonymous is like an amoeba, it’s got too many different operations run by truly different people which might not share a single person with another operation, but they use the same branding – they are part of the Anonymous brand, just like al-Qaida. Its just a brand nowadays, nothing else. It’s run the same, so that, like al-Qaida, anyone can credit an attack to Anonymous and no one’s there to say otherwise.”




IronBoltBruce via VVV PR ( http://veritasvirtualvengeance.com | @vvvpr )

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YUM! Brands: KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell & Food Stamps for Unsafe Foods

YUM! Brands: KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell & Food Stamps for Unsafe Foods
Global Revolution 1: American Revolution 2: Day 64: Communication 1
IronBoltBruce’s Kleptocracy Chronicles for 19 Nov 2011 (g1a2d0064c1)
How many examples of greed and corruption must you see before you act?

Thanks to the American Frozen Food Institute and other corporate lobbies pouring on the payola, our bought and paid for puppet politicians in Washington have determined that a slice of pizza is a healthy vegetable if served to our kids at school, but not if served to our poor by a restaurant.  And up until this week YUM! Brands – the global conglomerate that owns well-known junk food chains like KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell – was working hard to correct that contradiction.  Not by eliminating the obvious insanity of classifying pizza as a vegetable, of course, but by lobbying to approve the use of EBT cards (a.k.a. “food stamps”) to make purchases at their restaurants.  According to BusinessWeek.com:

“Yum [had] lobbied government officials in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Kentucky to allow its restaurants to participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is administered by the states.  The nearly five-decade-old program distributed a record $64.4 billion in the 2010 fiscal year.  ‘Everybody wants to get a piece of that action,’ says Marion Nestle, a New York University professor of nutrition and public health.  ‘Right now it’s going to grocery stores; restaurants think that’s not fair.’  [But health] advocates howled when they learned that fast-food giant Yum! Brands (YUM) wants to let low-income Americans use food stamps at its Taco Bell and KFC restaurants.  Now the U.S. Agriculture Dept., which funds the food stamp program, has also voiced its opposition and is encouraging states not to give Yum a green light. ‘For us to be indifferent to the quality of the food is just a serious mistake,’ says Kevin Concannon, the Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services. ‘We should promote access to healthy foods.'”


I’m sure Mr. Concannon meant to end that sentence with “…except when it comes to school lunches for our children”.


Anyway…  Regardless of whether you pay with food stamps or Federal Reserve notes, the food you buy at KFC, Pizza Hut or Taco Bell may (remotely) taste “Southern”, Italian or Mexican, but a portion of its ingredients – the exact amount being kept as secret as the Colonel’s recipe – may actually be Chinese and consequently unsafe by American standards:

“China has become an agricultural powerhouse and leading food exporter.  Though supermarket labels may not always indicate it, a growing portion of the American diet is now made in China.  In 2009, 70 percent of the apple juice, 43
percent of the processed mushrooms, 22 percent of the frozen spinach and 78 percent of the tilapia Americans ate came from China.  Unfortunately, it’s not just China’s food that’s reaching American shores – it’s also China’s food safety problems.  The shortcomings in China’s food safety system were highlighted when ingredients tainted with the chemical melamine entered the global food supply…  [Melamine] contaminated Chinese dairy products, sickening 300,000 children and infants in China, six of whom died…  The melamine scandal played out across the globe, ending up in the food supplies of corporate producers including Mars, Unilever, Heinz, Cadbury and YUM! Brands, Inc. (which owns Pizza Hut, Subway and other fast food chains).”


I find no consolation in the likelihood that whatever YUM! is doing to “us”, they are also doing to “them”:

“Urban consumers in China are increasingly embracing American-style diets.  Eating out is the fastest-growing segment of Chinese consumer food spending.  Much of this spending ends up at KFC, owned by Yum! Brands.  KFC opens a new restaurant in China every 18 hours and purchases one quarter of all chicken thighs produced in China – literally billions of pieces of meat.  In 2010, Yum! Brands earned 36 percent of its profits from its 3,200 KFC and 500 Pizza Hut restaurants in China – more than it made from the 19,000 KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and other company restaurants in the United States.  China now faces a new ‘era of obesity,’ mirroring U.S. overconsumption of fatty foods.”


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Coca-Cola: Millions to Washington Politicians, Billions to Invest in China

Coca-Cola: Millions to Washington Politicians, Billions to Invest in China

“The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC), headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is the world’s largest soft-drink company.  The company owns four of the top five soft-drink brands (Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta, and Sprite).  Other brands include Minute Maid, Powerade, and Dasani water.  In North America it sells Groupe Danone’s Evian.  Outside of Australia, Europe and North America, the company sells brands from the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (Crush, Dr. Pepper and Schweppes).  Coca Cola makes or licenses over 3,000 drinks in some 200 countries.  It owns 32% of Mexico’s bottler Coca-Cola FEMSA and 23% of European bottler Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling.  In late 2010, TCCC bought out its leading bottler, Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), and renamed it Coca-Cola Refreshments USA.  In the fiscal year ending in December of 2010, the company reported sales of approximately $35.2 billion dollars and had 92,800 employees.  Coca-Cola Co.’s CEO, Muhtar Kent, earned over $24 million in 2010…  Coca-Cola is  a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  Gene Rackley, the Director of Public Affairs and Communications at Coca-Cola Refreshments, is on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) corporate (‘Private Enterprise’) board.  ALEC is not a lobby; it is not a front group.  It is much more powerful than that.  Through ALEC, behind closed doors, corporations hand state legislators the changes to the law they desire that directly benefit their bottom line.”


Like many multinational corporations, Coca-Cola has really ramped up its lobbying and contributions to Washington DC politicians in recent years, their agenda generally to keep corporate taxes and fees low, regulations light, and to oppose any legislation that would make their products safer to consume, or their impact on the environment less damaging.  From 1989 to 2010 their contributed $8.7 million to politicians – 54% to Republicans and 46% to Democrats with Barack Obama and George W. Bush being 2 of the top 3 individual recipients.  Their reported lobbying investment since 1997 totals almost $30 million, and the list of pockets that money ended up in we’d wager is long and distinguished:


“Consider the debate in Congress about whether to impose tariffs on Chinese imports if China continues to depress the value of its currency.  Roughly 150 House members, including 45 Republicans, have authored a bill to do just that, and the Ways and Means Committee will take up the bill on Friday.  Unions and some domestic manufacturers support the bill.  But a large number of American businesses, in a campaign coordinated by the U.S.-China Business Council, oppose it.  Now, there’s nothing un-American in opposing the legislation as such – far from it.  Support for and opposition to tariffs are both as American as apple pie.  The question here is whether the 220 corporations that belong to the council – household names such as Coca-Cola, Bank of America, Ford, GM, Wal-Mart, Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, J.P. Morgan Chase, Chevron, Exxon Mobil and Boeing – are already so deeply invested in China as manufacturers, marketers or retailers that buy goods there to sell them here that their interests are more closely aligned with China’s than with America’s.  Revaluing China’s currency would be helpful to domestic U.S. manufacturers, their employees and the communities where those employees live and work, but America’s largest companies have long since ceased to be domestic.”


“Guess Where Coca-Cola Is Investing $4 Billion…  Who says American companies aren’t investing?  They are.  Billions, in fact.  Only, they are just not investing here in the U.S.  Atlanta based Coca-Cola (KO) plans to invest $4 billion in [‘Communist’] China, the company’s CEO Muhtar Kent told reporters in Shanghai this week.  It’s the company’s biggest planned investment in China since the 2009 investment of $2 billion.  The investments will start next year and is [sic] part of the company’s China capex until 2014.”


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“Coca-Cola is one of the most iconic brands of both the 20th and 21st centuries, promoting itself as the drink of freedom, choice and US patriotism.  But behind this carefully crafted image exists a company accused of environmental damage, human rights violations and questionable business practices.  Political activist and journalist Mark Thomas travels to South America, India and the US to investigate the way in which Coca-Cola and its suppliers operate and the extent to which they upholds moral and ethical obligations.”




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