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Is AT&T U-verse Serving The People Or Fleecing The Sheeple?

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Ma Bell was notorous for corporate greed and customer abuse long before Lily Tomlin lampooned her on Laugh-In. And in today’s ATT Screw-U-Verse, the corruption continues.


Those of you still relying on mainstream media for news may be unaware of what Occupy Wall Street and the Global Revolution have planned for Tuesday, May 1 2012:

MSIE users Google this: (occupy AND (“may day” OR mayday)) -site:facebook.com

But for those of you in the Occupy Movement looking for some last-minute May Day recruits, what appears to be a rapidly growing base of disgruntled AT&T U-Verse customers might be a target-rich environment:

MSIE users Google this: (“u-verse” OR uverse) AND (complaint OR complaints OR dissatisfied OR sucks OR sux)

The following is a classic example of how Ma Bell continues to treat her customers like chattel, cattle or worse. We are masking some names, dates and numbers, but everything else is as per the story and supporting documents we received:

A little over two months ago, an AT&T telephone and DSL customer we’ll call “PL” needed a wireless Internet solution for her new tablet computer, so she called the number on her phone bill and eventually wound up speaking to an AT&T sales rep. The rep offered PL an Internet access solution that would support her old notebook as well as her new tablet for $24.95 a month plus a one-time $100.00 modem charge, and promised PL two $100.00 gift cards if she agreed to transfer to the new plan. PL accepted. Installation was scheduled for sometime during the day on March 1X, and PL was told to expect UPS to deliver her new modem “a couple of days” before that. By March 1X-1 no modem had arrived, so PL made a followup call to AT&T. She was assured that UPS would deliver the modem that evening, and that the installation tech was still scheduled to come the next day.

Like many 99 percenters, PL has to work two jobs to pay for the greed of Wall Street and the wars and waste of Washington. She had taken unpaid time off from her day job to be home for the new Internet modem installation, but was hoping to still be able to work that night. By midday no installer had called or come by, so she made another followup call to AT&T. This time – and for the first time – she heard the word “U-verse”, was told she was supposed to either open the box and install the modem herself or pay an additional $160.00, that the technician was coming by to terminate her DSL not install her U-verse, and that she didn’t need to be home for that. That meant PL had sacrificed a day’s pay for nothing – and that AT&T expected a person with absolutely no IT training or experience to install their own cabling, configure a wireless access modem, and activate their own U-verse service!

PL didn’t have “an additional $160.00”, so she opened the box and did her best to follow the complicated instructions inside and configure the modem. It didn’t work. But after holding 20 minutes then spending an hour more talking to an escalation of U-verse support techs, she learned that she had done everything right but the problem was the U-verse activation software did not work with some major web browsers – including hers. The U-verse tech finally activated the service from his end, and began the process of creating an ATT email account for PL. PL told the tech she did not want an ATT email account, and there ended their exchange and – PL thought – her AT&T U-verse installation nightmare.

A few weeks passed, then PL received one of the two $100.00 gift cards AT&T had promised. Coincidentally perhaps, on that same day she received a letter from the AT&T Accounts Receivable Center which scolded and threatened her as follows:

“Did you forget to pay your bill? Our records show that your account balance is $164.95 which includes a past due amount of $164.95… If payment is not received by April 2X, 2012 your AT&T U-verse service may be temporarily disconnected. If your service is temporarily disconnected, in addition to paying all outstanding charges, a restoral fee may apply. The restoral charge is $30 per U-verse product and/or service on your account… For accounts that remain unpaid for ten (10) days after interruption, service will be permanently disconnected.”

PL was shocked. She’d paid every AT&T bill she’d received, so she called the number in the letter – 800.228.2020 – to find out what was going on. It was then she learned from AT&T U-verse’s Lavonne M. (employee number LM154X) that from now on she’d be receiving a U-verse bill separate from her AT&T phone bill, and that the reason she had never seen her U-verse bill was because it was being emailed to the ATT email account she never had access to. PL asked Lavonne M. to break down the $164.95 balance for her, but the only amount PL recognized was the $100.00 modem charge. PL paid that with her $100.00 gift card, and asked if she could wait to pay the remainder until she had a copy of the bill to review. Lavonne M. told her that would be fine, and assured PL that her U-verse service would not be disconnected.

Lavonne M. lied. At just after 8:00am on the morning of April 2X+1, U-verse disconnected PL. She called ATT Uverse and asked to speak to Lavonne M., and was told that “wasn’t possible”. She requested to speak to a supervisor, and after holding several minutes got one and shared her sad story. The supervisor coldly told PL her only option at this point was to pay the $64.95 balance plus a $30.00 reconnect fee. PL refused, and demanded to speak to a manager. She was again told that “wasn’t possible”, but she could leave a number and a manager would call her back. PL did. Six hours later, an AT&T U-verse manager who did not offer her name or direct extension did in fact call PL back. PL told her everything in agonizing detail, based upon which the manager restored PL’s U-verse service so long as PL settled her balance by May 1X. PL agreed, with the stipulation that she would not pay the bill if she did not receive a bill to pay.

Deciding not to wait, that evening PL set out to settle her affairs with ATT Uverse. She called 800.228.2020 and couldn’t get past the bots to a human, so she went online to “chat” with AT&T U-verse support here:


She connected and started chatting with a support rep named Rajma-something whose English was not, in PL’s words, “American”. She said she had a billing issue, and Raj replied he could assist her if she gave him the details. PL typed away. Raj asked questions indicating he did not understand, and PL typed some more. After several exchanges with lengthy delays in between, Raj declared his role was actually Tech Support so he couldn’t help her. PL demanded to chat with Raj’s supervisor. He came online with another “Indian-sounding” name and had PL jump through the same hoops as Raj did before admitting he could do nothing to assist her either. Furious by this time, PL introduced the supposed Indian to some choice American expletives, disconnected and went to bed crying.

The following morning, PL called the 877.288.7973 number “Raj” had given her to track down her second and missing $100.00 gift card. Not surprisingly, it was the wrong number. She then found and called the right number – 800.288.9983 – and connected with the AT&T Rewards Center. Employee number EV2455 checked her account, apologized for their “input error”, and assured PL her second gift card would be on its way “in a few weeks”.

Finally, PL called AT&T U-verse Billing Support yet again to try to find out what the composition of her unpaid balance was. When she did, she was surprised to hear the balance was now $48.00 higher than she’d previously been told, the increment being one more month’s U-verse billing. She advised the billing rep that she’d been sold 6meg Internet service for $24.95 a month, and that she would not pay a penny more. The AT&T rep said that’s not what their records showed, and there was nothing she could do to correct it. PL demanded to speak to a supervisor again, and was placed on hold for several minutes. When someone finally picked up, it was not a supervisor but another billing rep! PL was ready to explode, but instead again declared that she’d been sold 6meg Internet service for $24.95 a month, and that she would not pay a penny more. Unlike the last rep, this one promptly reduced PL’s monthly rate to $24.95 and applied retroactive credits to correct the overbilling, which along with the “un-input” gift card PL now believes was intentional.

What do YOU think, America? Is AT&T U-verse serving the People, or fleecing the Sheeple?



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AT&T: Ma Bell Wants Her Monopoly Back

AT&T: Ma Bell Wants Her Monopoly Back

Global Revolution 1: American Revolution 2: Day 46: Communication 1
IronBoltBruce’s Kleptocracy Chronicles for 1 Nov 2011 (g1a2d0046c1)
How many examples of greed and corruption must you see before you act?

“We don’t care. We don’t have to. We’re the phone company.” – Lili Tomlin

Ma Bell wants her monopoly back, and she’s almost got it:

“After being broken up in the mid-1980s in a landmark antitrust case, this telecommunications icon re-formed in 2005, and became the nation’s largest phone company when SBC Communications bought AT&T Corp. for $16 billion. As SBC, the company led the fight to allow the Baby Bells to enter the long-distance market, where they hope to offer profitable broadband Internet services. Cingular, which bought AT&T Wireless for $14 billion in 2004 and was part of SBC, is now in AT&T’s fold. Cingular – ultimately renamed AT&T again – is the leading U.S. wireless carrier, with more than 54 million subscribers. And AT&T’s growth continues. In 2006, AT&T agreed to buy southern Baby Bell BellSouth in a deal valued at more than $65 billion. In 2011, AT&T sought to merge with T-Mobile USA…”


“This $39 billion mega merger would create the country’s largest wireless company, which along with Verizon – the other 800-pound gorilla in wireless – would control nearly 80 percent of the U.S. marketplace. That means less competition in an already much-less-than-competitive market, fewer choices, and, most likely, higher prices. Parul P. Desai, policy counsel for Consumers Union, said, ‘AT&T is already a giant in the wireless marketplace, where customers routinely complain about hidden charges and other anti-consumer practices. From a consumer’s perspective, it’s difficult to come up with any justification or benefits from letting AT&T swallow up one of its few major competitors. We plan to work very closely with regulators and lawmakers to carefully scrutinize this deal and what it would mean to people’s pocketbooks.'”


Many other consumer advocates oppose the merger, but they face an uphill battle because of all of the politicians whose pockets AT&T is happy to line. The Texas-based telecom giant has invested over $142 million in lobbying since 1997, plus more than $56 million in state and federal campaign contributions since 1989, with their friendly pay-to-play Governor Rick Perry taking the top recipient spot by pocketing $722,194 plus the profit on 700 copies of his “Fed Up” book that AT&T bought…


…all told, almost three times as much as the $276,843 they gave to Barack Obama over the same period:


And of course there’s plenty more where that came from, as Josh Levy of the Save The Internet coalition laments:

“Maybe it’s the water in Washington that’s making people silly. Or maybe it’s AT&T’s hefty campaign spending. Either way, something’s got people believing AT&T when it says that up is down, green is red, 1 + 1 = 3 … and that its proposed takeover of T-Mobile would be good for America. Look no further than the 15 shameless representatives who just signed a letter urging President Obama – whose Justice Department is suing AT&T to block the deal – to support a settlement that would enable the merger and give AT&T control over T-Mobile… We’ve debunked every AT&T myth about this disastrous merger. The Justice Department boldly declared that the deal breaks antitrust law. And AT&T’s own leaked documents prove that its only goal is to snuff out a competitor.”

“As Free Press Action Fund Research Director S. Derek Turner put it, ‘Surely these members can’t believe that a letter repeating long-debunked talking points would cause the Department of Justice to reverse course and ignore the evidence behind its lawsuit.’ Either these members of Congress actually believe in the fantasies AT&T cooks up, or they are so worried that AT&T will turn off its spigot of campaign contributions that they’ll sign anything the telecom puts in front of them. Speaking of which, it turns out that these signers have collectively received more than $570,000 in campaign cash from AT&T:

Career Contributions from AT&T

Rep. Joe Baca (Calif.): $70,000
Rep. Loretta Sanchez (Calif.): $69,500
Rep. Henry Cuellar (Texas): $54,701
Rep. Mike Ross (Ark.): $51,250
Rep. John Barrow (Ga.): $38,000
Rep. Jim Costa (Calif.): $37,250
Rep. Dan Boren (Okla.): $37,250
Rep. David Scott (Ga.): $37,000
Rep. Dennis Cardoza (Calif.): $31,500
Rep. Mike McIntyre (N.C.): $31,500
Rep. Leonard Boswell (Iowa): $28,500
Rep. Ben Chandler (Kent.): $28,500
Rep. Heath Shuler (N.C.): $25,450
Rep. Mike Michaud (Maine): $25,000
Rep. Collin Peterson (Minn.): $9,500

It’s time these members of Congress paid a price for raking in campaign contributions while ignoring the plain truth about this job-killing deal…”


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