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AUMF Hunger Strike Called to Demand Repeal of 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force

AUMF Hunger Strike #AumfHungerStrike

Veteran rights activist calls on American grandparents and other concerned citizens to join #AumfHungerStrike, a nationwide hunger strike to last until AUMF 2001, the post-9/11 Authorization for Use of Military Force, is repealed.


At 6:00am ET on 27 March 2013 world record holding long distance motorcycle rider and lifelong civil liberties activist IronBoltBruce began a fast that will not end – in his words – “…until AUMF 2001 is gone or I am.”

Through his Twitter account @RepealAUMF2001 he is asking other American grandparents concerned about the future and freedom of their grandchildren to join his hunger strike demanding passage of “H.R. 198: Repeal of the Authorization for Use of Military Force” which will (a) repeal #AUMF 2001 (Public Law 107-40), and thereby (b) end the 11+ year global “War on Terrorism” or #GWOT that has resulted in the deaths by drone strikes and other means of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians including children in a growing list of 20 countries, as well as (c) remove the legal justification for Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (Public Law 112-81) – also known as the “Homeland Battlefield” or #IndefiniteDetention provisions of #NDAA 2012 – under which the federal government can use military force to detain and hold indefinitely without charge or trial American citizens on American soil.

“There may always be questions and debate about who really did what on 11 September 2001 and why,” he stated, “but there can be no debate about our nation’s accelerating descent from freedom to fascism – from democracy to despotism – since that ‘catastrophic and catalyzing event‘. Fearing enemies real or contrived, from 9/11 forward the American people have allowed life and liberty to be legislated away in exchange for so-called security. NDAA 2012 gives our government the right to detain us without charge, and under AUMF 2001 an Imperial Presidency that arose under George W. Bush to be expanded by Barack Obama now claims the power to kill us – by drones or otherwise – without due process of law. I want my grandchildren to grow up in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. But so long as AUMF 2001 is law, America is neither. I intend to change that or die trying.”

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) was the only member of Congress to vote against AUMF in 2001 and recently sponsored H.R.198 to repeal it. Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) and other representatives have signed on as co-sponsors, but barring a groundswell of bipartisan support GovTrack.US gives #HR198 a “2% chance of getting past committee” and a “0% chance of being enacted.” Such a groundswell would fly in the face of Military Industrial Complex and Top Secret America corporate interests who stand to lose trillions in revenues if AUMF 2001 is repealed and will gladly pour billions into anonymous political action committees, campaign contributions and lobbying to maintain the status quo (see also the POGO Federal Contractor Misconduct Database (FCMD), and IronBoltBruce understands, consequently, that the only way to motivate both Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate to repeal AUMF 2001 is to mount a united nonpartisan grassroots effort to make the politicians of both parties fear the loss of votes from their constituents more so than the loss of cash from their corporate benefactors. He hopes – and may be betting his life – that his nationwide #AumfHungerStrike will serve as the “catalyzing event” for that campaign.

Grandparents and others with the courage and conviction to participate in the AUMF hunger strike are urged to (a) commence their fast as soon as possible, (b) email their commitment and regular status to, and most importantly (c) make sure that their U.S. Senators, U.S. Representative, the local and national media, and all of their friends, followers and contacts know what they are doing and why. For updates and more information logon to, follow @RepealAUMF2001, and follow Twitter hashtags #AumfHungerStrike, #AUMF, #HR198, #NDAA and #RepealAUMF (view ‘All’ as well as ‘Top’). Web-savvy volunteers willing to maintain or build new RepealAUMF[.org|.com|.net|.biz|.info] websites and resources now or if IronBoltBruce becomes incapacitated should send email with credentials to To make a donation to help cover medical and operating expenses please click here.



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  2. From the outset Twitter has been shadow banning, selectively censoring and arbitrarily suspending us – and refusing to provide actionable explanations as to why. If @RepealAUMF2001 is suspended when you access it, try @RepealAUMFNow or @RepealAUMF.
  3. We would much rather you join us in our AUMF Hunger Strike than support it, but if like most cyberactivists you are actually a slacktivist you should at least make a donation. If you use a tax accountant it probably won’t be deductible, but if you use a tax lawyer it probably will.



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AUMF Hunger Strike Status for IronBoltBruce

#AumfHungerStrike: AUMF Hunger Strike of #IronBoltBruce Week 1 (Day 8)
Status: Weight Lost: 14lbs; Resolve Lost: None.
#AUMF #NDAA #Drones |

AUMF 2001 Imperial Presidency Is The Disease. NDAA 2012 Indefinite Detention Is Only One Symptom.

AUMF 2001 | NDAA 2012


The post 9/11 Authorization for Use of Military Force is at the root of many evils including an Imperial Presidency, unconscionable drone strikes and unconstitutional indefinite detention under NDAA 2012.


We have been calling on you to rise up against the indefinite detention provisions of NDAA 2012 since corporate fascist puppet Democratic president Barack Obama signed it into law on New Year’s Eve 2011.


NDAA 2012 is only one symptom. AUMF 2001 is the disease.

The primary legal foundation of “Homeland Battlefield” provisions for the indefinite detention without charge or trial of American citizens on American soil codified as Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 2012 (P.L. 112-81) is the post 9/11 Authorization for Use of Military Force (P.L. 107-40) – a.k.a. “AUMF 2001” or simply “AUMF” – signed into law by corporate fascist puppet Republican president George W. Bush in September of 2001. So if we repeal AUMF 2001, these indefinite detention provisions will have no legal standing.

On 13 January 2012 seven fearless civil liberties activists – Chris Hedges, Daniel Ellsberg, Noam Chomsky, Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Jennifer “Tangerine” Bolen, Kai Wargalla and Alexa O’Brien – filed suit against Barack Obama et al seeking to block enforcement of the NDAA 2012 indefinite detention provisions:

On 12 September 2012 U.S. District Court Judge Katherine Forrest granted the plaintiffs request by issuing a permanent injunction that declared NDAA 2012 Section 1021(b)(2) unconstitutional. Then – quite contrary to Obamapologist propaganda on Twitter that “The President Doesn’t Really Want This Power: The Truth About AUMF and NDAA” – the Obama regime immediately appealed the decision and on 2 October 2012 the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the ban on indefinite detention will not go into effect until a decision on the regime’s appeal is rendered. On 19 February 2013 the U.S. Supreme Court denied a counter appeal by Hedges et al to vacate the Appeals Court ruling, so as of this writing – and in yet another Orwellian paradox – the U.S. government can “legally” detain its citizens indefinitely without charge, without trial, and without regard to habeus corpus or what we once knew as the “due process of law”.

UNLESS AND UNTIL, of course, NDAA 2012 Section 1021 is made null and void. That can happen one of three ways:

  • By Hedges et al ultimately prevailing in their Stop NDAA lawsuit, which given the current composition of our corporate-controlled “Citizens United” Supreme Court is sadly unlikely.
  • By nullification at the state and local level, which is a piecemeal solution based on the questionable premise that state and local authorities “not cooperating” with the Feds will stop them.
  • By passing H.R. 198 to repeal AUMF 2001, which pulls the legal rug out from under not only indefinite detention but also domestic drone strikes and the “Imperial Presidency” behind it all:

For once, stop letting the powers-that-be use social wedge issues and labels like Democrat/Liberal/Left or Republican/Conservative/Right to divide us when undoing AUMF 2001 and NDAA 2012 should unite us. And for once, stop squabbling over your tribe’s slice of the rights pie while the size of the pie we all share shrinks to nothing…





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AUMF: Authorization for Use of Military Force For Grandparents

This message is for American grandparents and the topic is:

AUMF: AUMF 2001: Public Law 107-40:

We invite you to join the leaderless and loose-knit bipartisan/nonpartisan coalition of Democratic, Republican, third-party, independent, apolitical and even anti-political American citizens rallying behind “H.R. 198: Repeal of the Authorization for Use of Military Force”, a bill now before the United States Congress which will hobble the Imperial Presidency created under Dubya and Darth by the post 9/11 AUMF, the USA Patriot Act, the REAL ID Act and hundreds of Executive Orders and National Security Letters … expanded under Odrona the Indefinite Detainer by NDAA 2012, H.R. 347 and H.R. 658 plus hundreds more Executive Orders and National Security Letters … and culminating in the creation of a vast Military/Intelligence/HomelandSecurity/CounterTerrorism Industrial Complex that operates above and outside of the law, unaccountable to the People, impenetrable by the Freedom of Information Act, and unanswerable to our courts.

The Imperial Presidency headed by corporate fascist puppet Barack Obama claims the right under NDAA 2012 to indefinitely detain American citizens on American soil without charge or trial, and the right under AUMF 2001 to kill those same American citizens with domestic drone strikes and without due process of law. That means that either their targets or the collateral damage from their attacks could include you, your children or your grandchildren.

Your innocent grandchildren are probably too young and naive to fight for their freedom or protect themselves, and your children are probably too self-involved or techno-stupefied to recognize the threat to their lives and liberties. That leaves you, the grandparent, as their only hope for salvation.

The grandparents of America allowed all of this to happen. The grandparents of America cowered when they should have asked questions … allowed themselves to be distracted when they should have demanded answers … and sat back and watched television as our Constitution and Bill Of Rights were decimated, and our once-great Republic slid from Freedom to Fascism. The grandparents of America danced when they should have been demonstrating, and now it is time they pay the fiddler.

If you are an American grandparent above the age of 50, then you know what I say is true. And if you truly love your grandchildren, then you should know what you must do. If you are not sure where to begin, you can start here:



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